On his birthday, 9-25-2017 this is dedicated to Steve who died on 2-14-2017

 Steve Tarabochia

Steve enjoyed making wine with his Dad and family. (He is the younger son with the big smile, dropping grapes into the crusher in the black and white picture.)


Steve Tarabochia    1963

Steve, his sister and older brother helping their dad make wine.

11-1-2016 082.JPG

Steve T     2016

Steve pressing 2016 Red Mountain Cab Sauv..  (The wine press in this picture is the same one our dad's used to make wine with when we were kids.)

11-1-2016 091.JPG

Pressing the wine

Giving it that final turn.



Corking the bottles

How many are there?



Oh come on, you are kidding, right?

With enough financial support from you, I would like to make a barrel of wine for us to have a party with, in Steve's honor.  I think he would have enjoyed having us all get together and celebrate his life by drinking his barrel of wine.

To make a 2017 vintage barrel of wine, costs would be around $5000. The end of October is usually the very, very last of the wine grape harvest season. If we miss this year's harvest, we can try again for next year? Custom labeling some of my existing wine that is currently in barrels is an option too. I am open for suggestions on venues for the party as well. Anybody have a house with a big back yard?

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