This is how it all started. Thinking about my commercial fishing background and my long line of family winemakers. Feeling the need to use that as my story.

As a fisherman, I was often cold, wet and tired. I can remember feeling like I needed toothpicks to prop my eyelids open. We couldn’t take a nap just because we were tired. That’s not what fishermen did. And yet, by not allowing my eyes to close, I witnessed some of the most awe inspiring - beautiful scenery in the world. Places where the beauty almost penetrates your skin. Like you are a part of nature. Part of the world all around you.

And yet it was a hard life, go figure. That close to beauty, and yet every fiber of my body wanted to scream. Get out of there. Get some sleep. Do something different. You don’t want to be a fisherman anymore. But I couldn’t. Because I loved it. Loved the challenge. Loved every aspect of it.

How do these traits transfer to wine making? Making wine, in many ways, is like fishing in Alaska. Both take patience, perseverance and hard work. In fishing, it takes patience to endure the extreme highs and lows and stay even keeled. Stay even keeled so you can catch as many fish as you possibly can. 

In wine making, it takes patience to make adjustments to the wine and then wait a year or two to see how the adjustments affected the wine.

In a perfect place, I would not say anything. Just step aside and let the wine be my voice. But they say I have to write. They say you could write the best song in the world and if no one listened to it, what good would it be?

Try my wine. Experience my voice.

Jumper wine