This year, I am making a white wine for the first time. Sauvignon Blanc.

I am creating a new label. Here is a bit on the development of that label.

In efforts to drive sales, I decided to take a chance on a bit more controversial branding concept. At first I thought of Create as the name on the front label. (Instead of Jumper) There is a KCTS channel on TV that has a Create theme. Well, I could look into that. Might not be a deal breaker. The concept would go something like, We create the world around us with our mind. The real obstacle for me was creating a graphical image to go with it. My daughter and her boyfriend created the graphics for the "Jumper" label. Feedback on the label has been excellent. Unfortunately, they are no longer available to help me with the graphics on this new label. Since this is an experimental wine and an experimental label, I didn't want to spend a bucket of cash to have a graphics company develop a new label. I started looking at leaving the fish graphic and coming up with a new name. Jumpy popped out as a viable option. The concept here is that if the "Jumper" is a fish jumping out of water, then you are the jumpee. (Jumpy) The goal is to get people thinking about the 2 worlds from a spiritual perspective. The world inside your body and the world outside. The fish is the Jumper and it represents the world outside your body. You are the Jumpy. Jumpy represents the inside of your body.  

The marketing concept is to present a topic that is so compelling it will spin up virally on the internet. 

I imagine throwing a few half baked pancakes at the wall before getting one to stick. But when it does, the infrastructure for rapid expansion will be in place.